Making Your First $$$ from Blogging – Even Dummies Can Do These

Getting started with your blog/website? Want to make money from your blog? Then continue reading till the end.

You don’t need to be a pro before you start making money from your new blog. Yes. As a newbie to the stuff, it can be quite difficult to determine where to start. You hear people making money from their blog and you keep wondering how.

There’s a popular wrong saying that once you click on a blogger’s website, they earn some little money immediately. It doesn’t work that way.

In this guide on how to make money from your blog for newbies, I will show you how bloggers make money from their blog and how you can also make your first $100 from your new or existing blog.

$100 doesn’t sound like a lot of dough. I know. But this is just the beginning. As you learn the ropes of making money blogging, you can level-up and earn as much as you did want.


How to Make Money With Your Blog as a Beginner

Let me quickly remind you that making money from your blog doesn’t happen overnight. After setting up your blog, you need to build readers who trust you and drive regular traffic to your blog before you can start earning from your blog.

The colorful bloggers’ lifestyle you see on Instagram, Facebook etc. is attached with a lot of hard work done in the past. So ensure you put into practice, whatever you learn regarding blogging.

As a beginner in the blogging world, it is almost certain you’re not getting tons of traffic to your blog yet. So what’s the idea here? Start small and build the size of your blog from there.

Start by setting a realistic goal of $100, this would motivate you. Don’t set a larger goal as a big dreamer because this would seem too far out of reach and you might get demotivated over time. By the time you achieve your first goal, you must have learned what fits into your blog and what doesn’t and then use what you’ve learned to make more money.

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There are multiple ways you can make money from your blog. Give me a moment to explain.

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